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souleater_crack's Journal

Soul Eater Crack Ships
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A Soul Eater Community dedicated to Crack Ships.

This is a SOUL EATER community dedicated to any and ALL ships. Literally, anything you can think of. Crack or Cannon. With an emphasis on rare, strange, and under-appreciated ships. (But we accept ANYTHING) Yaoi and Yuri is acceptable. Please just remember to read the rules before posting.

Thank you!
arachne/eibon, asura/arachne, asura/kid, black star/blair, black star/chrona, black star/kid, black star/patty, black star/soul, combined!mizune/eruka, crack pairing, crack ships, free/marie, justin/chrona, justin/liz, justin/maka, justin/medusa, justin/patty, justin/tsubaki, kid/chrona, kid/eruka, kid/maka, kid/mosquito, kid/soul, kid/stein, kid/tsubaki, maka/blair, maka/chrona, maka/free, maka/kid/black star, maka/liz, maka/mosquito, maka/tsubaki, medusa/arachne, medusa/eruka, medusa/maka, medusa/marie, medusa/spirit, mifune/black star, mifune/blair, mifune/eruka, mifune/maka, mifune/marie, mifune/tsubaki, noncanon, ox/liz, ox/patty, ragnarok/kid, ragnarok/maka, ragnarok/soul, ragnarok/stein, shinigami/angela, shinigami/arachne, shinigami/asura, shinigami/blair, shinigami/chrona, shinigami/eibon, shinigami/eruka, shinigami/kid, shinigami/maka, shinigami/medusa, shinigami/sid, shinigami/spirit, shinigami/stein, shinigami/tsubaki, soul/blair, soul/chrona, soul/kim, soul/liz, soul/ox, soul/patty, soul/tsubaki, souleater, spirit/angela, spirit/blair, spirit/kim, spirit/maka, spirit/stein, spirit/tsubaki, stein/eruka, stein/maka, stein/tsubaki